our team

Dr Dharmanand Mortha
With an astounding entrepreneurial drive and a global perspective of business operations, Dr. Dharmanand Mortha stands as a highly successful C-Level business leader and a visionary with a portfolio of consistent success in maximizing corporate performance by accelerating growth, revenue, market share and profit, and enhancing value in domestic and international markets. Over the years, Dr. Mortha has worked in diverse industries such as agro-chemicals, banking and the educational sector. Through his sound management knowledge and experience, he has driven many highly reputable companies towards success. With a Doctorate in Business Administration, Dr. Mortha possess an immaculate skill set with abilities to quickly learn intricacies, solve complex problems and deliver instant solutions to business-critical issues by identifying opportunities for accelerated growth using advanced management technology proficiency.

Prathima Mortha
Prathima has over a decade’s experience in Customer Service, with a distinctive ability to devise effective strategies that ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

As a highly talented professional and performance driven individual, Prathima practices a streamlined and intuitive approach to assisting clients, which rests on empathy, efficiency, and astute problem solving. She also thrives in her ability to be versatile in function and resourceful in action. Prathima has spent a major part of her career working within Retail banking and IT industry. She has served as a Customer Service Officer for Bank of India, ICICI Bank Ltd and Bank of Baroda. Prathima is ambitious, charismatic and self-motivated, always bringing her energy, knowledge and commitment of excellence to accomplish her aspirations. In her current role, she is fully focused on integrating her skill sets and diverse experiences in exceeding personal and organizational projections.

Waqas Mehmood
Waqas Mehmood has more than a decade’s experience in the Educational Services Industry. He is well versed with the structures of the academic sector. Having successfully implemented several efficient Strategies and procedures in different institutions which have made them compliant with the required standards, Waqas displays immense interest towards the overall development of the Organizations he has worked with so far. He has a unique quality of having a bird’s eye view of situations.

Waqas has extensive experience in the compliance activities such as, Self Evaluation, Standard Conformity and Action Planning. He also has worked extensively on MIS for over a decade and has successfully implemented two bio-metric enrolment systems for attendance at FE Colleges. He carries a positive energy and loves motivating people he works with. He has great counseling & behavioral management skills.

Adrian Barbu
Lecturer and Program Leader
Adrian’s hard work and dedication has been well appreciated throughout his career. He is multi-lingual and teaches Marketing, Commerce, Business and Management. He maintains great rapport with the team as well as the students. He is highly optimistic and creative. He takes active part in Theatre and Music in his leisure hours.

Rajwinder Mahey
Lecturer and Program Manager
A highly productive and self-motivated person, Rajwinder truly realizes the importance of a team-based approach to things. She is well experienced in planning, designing and delivering Lectures for ATHE Level 3 Diploma in Business and ATHE Level 4 Extended Diploma in Business Management.

She also takes great interest in Individual Learning Plans for students as she believes that everybody is unique, talented and learns at one’s own pace.

Rajwinder is highly qualified personnel and holds a plethora of Certifications at various levels from Business Studies to Strategic Management and Fire Safety to Special Educational Needs.

Prameela Mortha
Quality and Compliance Manager
A dynamic and versatile Manager, Prameela is a Practicing Architect for over 15 years. She is a post-graduate in Fashion Management and has enriching teaching experience at one of the premium Fashion Institutes in the country. Attention to detail interests her and she strives to give the best in quality output in all the tasks she undertakes. She utilizes her creativity along with her leadership abilities to design and execute solutions that create customer value.

She can be relied on for her tenacity and a positive 'can-do' attitude. She particularly has a multi-faceted approach to things which is a rare quality in people.

Prameela has a keen interest in uplifting the quality of the lives of children with Special needs.

Bhavik Mortha
Administrator and Facilities Support Officer
Bhavik is a tech-savvy young man. He is enthusiastic about learning the nitty-gritty of computers after school hours. He loves working, navigating through computers and also troubleshoots when needed. At times of troubleshooting, he keeps his cool and is completely focused and result-oriented.

He is passionate about technology and looks at graduation and career that pampers his interests, in the years to come. Besides computers, Bhavik loves music and baking.

Naveen Kumar Reddy Addula
Assessor and Internal Verifier
Naveen is our Educational Consultant and the go-to person for Courses related discussions. He is highly self motivated and technically proficient personnel in his role as a Tutor with us.

Naveen began his career as a Business Development Executive which gave him immense exposure and understanding for Sales and Customer relationships. He played crucial roles in client interactions and business conversions with his sheer grace and can-do attitude. Eventually Naveen did his Business Studies in Marketing and Finance, backed by his interest for Research and Financial planning. This led to his career shifting more towards Research and Content Writing.

Maria Claudia Linca
Student Administrator
Maria, is a dynamic, multi-talented and multi-lingual person. She has worked extensively for leading companies in the Cosmetics Industry and went on to do Voluntary Services for a hospital before joining us.

She has done Level-4 Business studies from College of Birmingham and is currently enrolled in the University of Wolverhampton.

Aparupa Patowary
IT Manager
An IT Manager with over a decade's experience in the field of Information Technology, Aparupa has strong technical expertise. With a Masters in Computer Applications, she has come a long way with her sheer hard work and dedication towards her job.

She is a good listener and understands well the client expectations and strives to give her best. One can rely on her time-boundedness and professionalism which makes her the go-to person in the exponentially fast-paced information technology space while providing a discursive platform for addressing web and technology issues with a 360-degree perspective.