Governing Council Members

Dr Mubelele Zachariah Mulenga
Dr. Mulenga, the current Chairman of the board, boasts over 25 years of educational experience in the UK. Throughout his career, he has held various academic positions across different institutions, contributing extensive management expertise to the Board. Prior to his venture into the educational sector, Dr. Mulenga spent twenty years in industry, holding senior management roles in leading companies such as BP, Volvo, and Lloyds TSB Bank. His academic qualifications include Doctorates and multiple master’s degrees in finance, marketing, and risk management.

Deborah Gramann
Chartered MCIPD,

With over 40 years of experience in Management and Human Resources, Deborah is a seasoned professional who seamlessly integrates operational work with strategic thinking. She specialises in delivering people-centric solutions that instigate transformative change within organisations. Drawing from her comprehensive understanding of her organisation, Deborah formulates informed people strategies, policies, and procedures.
Recognising the broader implications of her work on individuals within her public sector and educational institutions, Deborah aligns her efforts with overarching business practices and objectives. She actively collaborates and influences various stakeholders, including immediate colleagues, unions, the Department for Education, and the Local Authorities Designated Safeguarding Officer, among others.
Deborah possesses a keen awareness of external business trends and developments within the realm of human resources, enabling her to provide valuable insights and perspectives. She meticulously evaluates and analyses information from diverse sources to make well-founded, evidence-based judgments and decisions.
Outside of her professional endeavors, Deborah dedicates her spare time to supporting local charities such as welovecarers and initiatives aimed at aiding the homeless.

Keith Mayou
MIOF; MSc; BSc (Hons); DMS; Dip Housing.
Keith brings extensive experience from his tenure with multiple local government entities, demonstrating a solid foundation in effective management practices. He is deeply committed to ensuring equitable educational opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their background. With a broad knowledge base, Keith is adept at offering tailored advice and support to address challenges and drive improvements effectively. His professional qualifications span Environment, Health, Housing, and Management fields, supported by Bachelor of Science and Master’s Degrees.
Keith's extensive leadership experience includes roles at the Corporate Board level, where he has demonstrated his ability to lead teams and organisations effectively. He has also served on Trustee Boards and held Directorship positions in charitable organisations, providing valuable governance advice and oversight. As a seasoned project management practitioner, Keith operates his consultancy business, specialising in offering strategic advice, management support, and identifying funding opportunities.
His consultancy experience encompasses various sectors, including charities, voluntary organisations, housing associations, private sector businesses, and local government, showcasing his versatility and ability to navigate diverse organisational landscapes.

Dr Fayyaz Qureshi
Dr. Fayyaz Qureshi is a distinguished academic leader renowned for his expertise in higher education administration, research, and strategic planning. With a solid background in these areas, he is highly regarded for his effective communication and adept problem-solving abilities. Dr. Qureshi has honed his leadership and management skills through various roles, including Head of Research at Oxford Business College, Director at Knowledge Edge, and Principal at Bedfordian Business School in Luton. He has also chaired numerous committees, showcasing his strategic planning, quality assurance, and marketing acumen.
In terms of education, Dr. Qureshi holds a plethora of degrees and certifications, including a B.Sc., B.A., and M.A. in English Literature, an MBA in Marketing and Finance, an MSc in ACIM and CMBE, and a Professional Doctorate in Marketing from Chester University. He has built a solid reputation as an author and peer reviewer for esteemed academic journals, with a focus on research topics such as student satisfaction, private higher education, and the impact of COVID-19 on education.
Beyond his academic pursuits, Dr. Qureshi is actively involved in volunteer work with organisations like Amnesty International and Multipurpose Welfare Trust. His memberships and achievements underscore his dedication to social welfare and academic excellence, further enhancing his reputation as a multifaceted academic leader.

Professor Mark Mabey
Professor Mabey boasts over 40 years of experience in higher education, specialising in medical microbiology lecturing. During his tenure, he served as Assistant Director within the HE Advisory team at KPMG for 7 years, conducting numerous curriculum and institutional reviews. Notably, he spearheaded the demand assessment for the establishment of the University of Cumbria. As Director of Educational Partnerships at De Montfort University, he managed one of the UK's largest Associate College Networks and oversaw a substantial international portfolio. With a background as a QAA Review Coordinator for 8 years, Professor Mabey has also excelled in leadership roles at 3 Alternative Providers over the past 12 years, where he forged university partnerships and significantly bolstered student enrolment.